Advanced Telescope Supplies

Losmandy Precision Equatorial Mounts.

The Losmandy G-11 (with Gemini GoTo approx $A6995 inc GST) price subject to change with $A to $US

The Losmandy G-11 is an ideal astrophotographic mount for the following larger optical tube assemblies:

  • Meade SCT's 10", 12"

  • Celestron 11", 14" SCT

  • RCOS 10"

  • Astrophysics 10" Mak, 5" EDF, 6" EDF

  • Most other telescope tube assemblies up to 30 kg

Above: The Losmandy folding HD tripod is one of the most beautifully engineered tripods available.

Extremely rigid yet very portable.

The Losmandy range is designed for exacting astro-photographic, CCD imaging and visual users in both the field or at a permanent installation.

The G-11 design has evolved over nearly a decade and incorporates features simply not found in competing equatorial mounts. All structural parts are fully machined from aircraft grade aluminum or stainless steel.  Aluminum parts are anodized: a process, which significantly hardens the metal surface and protects it against corrosion. Utilizing the latest Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology tolerances to within a few thousands of an inch are rigidly maintained across the entire assembly: guaranteeing smooth, precise and dependable performance for many years to come.

Being all-machined, the G-11 is extremely rigid. Add large thrust surfaces plus innovative design features such as; polar altitude lock, oversized shafts, large diameter gears, precision bearings and you create a mount easily capable of supporting payloads of up to 20kg, yet still retain excellent field portability.

Note: while the G-11 can support much heavier telescopes (up to 35 kg) the rigidity of the system will depend upon the length of the telescope tube. 

The drive assembly uses dependable, high-torque stepper motors, each driving a super hard, tempered stainless steel worm gear. Unlike the turned gears used in less capable mounts, each worm gear is precision ground to tolerances of a few ten thousands of an inch. The result is consistent tracking accuracy of less than 10 arc seconds without the aid of periodic error correction electronics (also built into every G-11 mount).

Unique to every Losmandy mount is their precision dovetail and saddle system. A single doveplate can be attached to almost any telescope, which can then be attached to the mount saddle in seconds. Perfect balance of the system can then be easily achieved by simply sliding the telescope along the saddle.

Completing the mechanical system is Losmandy’s field tripod: a semi-pier head, coupled to thick walled, large diameter tubular legs giving the field system excellent rigidity and dampening characheristics.  Vibrations literally damp out within fractions of a second, a far cry from the jelly like wobble seem in many competing systems.

The Losmandy G-11 come with the Gemini Computerised GOTO system. The  G-11 offers high precision, high payload, excellent stability, innovative compact design and jewel like finish which combine to make it the ideal foundation for a superb astro-imaging system.



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