2005-2006 CCD Image Gallery  

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Each image can be clicked on for a higher resolution version. All Images here taken by Peter J. Ward any may not be reproduced without permission.

Total Solar Eclipse Libya 2006. William Optics FD80 image.

Sky & Telescope Beautiful Universe Astrophoto Competition 2006:  First Place & Readerís Choice.

" Totally Eclipsed Sun"

Citation:  There are only a few astronomical events that make thousands of people travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars for just the chance of seeing them. But anyone whoís witnessed a total eclipse of the Sun will surely tell you that itís a magical experience. The main reason is because they see a view like this one in place of the Sun. Photographing totality is tricky. A single exposure cannot capture the gradations in brightness from the limb of the Moon to the wisps of outer corona. The 4 minutes of totality on March 29, 2006, allowed  the photographer to make many different exposures, which he assembled into a single image that superbly represents the solar spectacle.

Total Solar 2006 eclipse sequence taken from the Sahara Desert. This is an enhanced version of an award winning image:

OVERALL WINNER CWAS David Malin Astro-Photographic awards  "Eclipse Sequence"

Citation: "This image has immediate appeal and interest, even if you don't know what the subject matter is. When you do know what it is, you begin to appreciate the impeccable technique, meticulous planning and sheer determination required to haul your gear from Sydney to Libya and to operate it under hot desert conditions against a serious deadline."


Sky & Telescope Beautiful Universe Astrophoto Competition 2006  Second Place

" Solar Eclipse Sequence"

Citation: A few minutes of totality is the grand reward, but a full solar eclipse lasts more than 1Ĺ hours, from the first bite the Moon takes out of the Sun, through totality, and until the Moon leaves the solar disk. (The photographer) watched the entire show on March 29th and captured scenes from every act.

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Milky Way Galaxy. SBIG STL 11000 image. Sigma 8mm circular fisheye.
Eta Carina Nebula SBIG STL11000 image. 12.5" RCOS
The Sun in H-ALpha light.  SBIG STL11000 image Coronado SM90/BF30 155mm Astro-Physics
M8 or Lagoon nebula. SBIG STL11000 image. 12.5" RCOS
Eta Carina nebula. SBIG STL11000 CCD. SII, H-ALpha, OIII image. Astro-Physics 130mm
NGC104 or 47 Tucana. SBIG STL11000 image. 12.5" RCOS
IC 4628 Nebula. SBIG STL1100-0 image. Astro-Physcis 155 refractor
Corona Australis region. SBIG STL11000 Astro-Physics 130mm refractor.
NGC 5139. SBIG STL11000 image. 12.5" RCOS.


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