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MaxIm DL Screen

Introduction to MaxIm DL 5.0


Here is an example of one of the simplest image processing functions adjusting color balance. In this case, you can equalize the background level between the three color planes, and independently scale each color plane. 

The Auto button automatically determines the correct settings to make the background of the image black with just a single click! Plus, you can simply click on a white or gray area of the image to set the color balance.

All of the image processing functions in MaxIm DL include a Preview Image. The preview can be dragged to an interesting part of the image by right-clicking on the image and dragging. The Zoom button allows you to zoom in on a small portion of the image. Once this is done, MaxIm DL will quickly show you the effect of the processing settings you are using. Once you are satisfied with the results, click OK to process the entire image.

The convenience of MaxIm DL's image processing functions is shown by the Digital Development  command. This new command, also known as "DDP," produces amazing results on galaxy and other deep-sky images. 

The user can select different filters, plus the required Background and Mid-level settings, and watch what happens to the Preview Image. 

The DDP parameters can be determined automatically, or you can pick a brightness level just by clicking on the image it's that simple.

Don't understand what a button is for? Just click the small "?" button at the top, then on the button. A description will pop up to explain how it works. You can also ask for a complete description of the entire dialog box.

Like most MaxIm DL functions, this command works equally well on black-and-white or color images. 

Maximum Entropy Deconvolution (MaxEnt) is a sophisticated processing feature can be used to tighten up blurry images. It can reduce the effects of atmospheric seeing, telescope aberrations, and guiding errors. This animation shows how much the details in this galaxy's spiral arms improve after processing.

In order to work properly, MaxEnt requires a model of the blur and of the noise in the image. Both automated and manual tools are provided for this purpose. For beginners, a special "Wizard" leads you through the processing step-by-step. 


Interested in color imaging? MaxIm DL makes that easier than ever. Choose from standard RGB techniques or advanced LRGB, CMY, and LCMY filter sets. Automatically equalize the background level. Align the color planes using our all-new Align Images tool. 

Images not aligned?  No problem. You can now automatically register images using our new star matching capability. 

MaxIm DL Features

MaxIm DL runs under Windows 95TM, Windows 98TM, Windows METM, Windows NTTM 4.0, or Windows 2000TM  and includes these powerful features:

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