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New CCD cleaning service.

Tired of not being able to fully correct your data due to too many dust spots?

Don't want to return your SBIG CCD to the USA?

Using a proprietary cleaning technology we can clean even the smallest dust particles from your CCD's window.

The service is done in Sydney and includes a laser print of the before and after cleaning flat field images.

In addition we can fill your CCD's chamber with Argon to give longer life to your dessicant plug's effectiveness.

Quick turn around times - usually just 48 hours

(place your mouse on the roll-over image below)

Please note, due to possible microscopic flaws in the CCD window or particles that may settle on the CCD after case re-assembly and transit, 100% spot removal is not guaranteed.

The image above is an actual CCD showing a typical before & after result.

SBIG Camera Model *Price (includes return Post within Australia ) plus GST
ST Series $195
STL Series & ST4000 $205
STX Series $250
Argon CCD chamber fill option no longer available