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Losmandy Precision Equatorial Mounts.  

The Losmandy HGM Titan

Priced at around $A8,100.00 inc GST (without tripod  Price may vary with $A to $US)

The new HGM Titan  has few rivals for sheer precision and payload carrying capacity. It is an observatory class mounting system that is well suited to payloads of up to 30-40 kg. 

The system pictured here, which routinely points to within 1-2 arc minutes precision across the entire sky and tracks at a mere +/-5 arc seconds periodic error without PEC. *UPDATE*  Gemini Level 4.0 now supports PEMPRO. Users commonly report a mere +/-1.5 Arc tracking error with the Titan and PemPro

The new Titan model features a solid stainless steel worm block on both RA and Dec axes which ensures highly precise worm and wheel spacing over a very high range of temperatures. The Titan mount now uses precision ball bearings throughout extremely smooth tracking and spring loaded clutches to allow for fine balancing of the telescope payload.

The HGM Titan features a level 3 Gemini GoTo system as standard. This includes sophisticated pointing modeling, which allows sub arc minute pointing when used with packages such as The Sky/T-Point.

In addition the Gemini system can be modeled to compensate for atmospheric refraction, and used to refine Polar alignmnet with its PAC feature.The  Periodic error correction (PEC) can be adjusted to allow for auto guider delay and average corrections over several runs,  providing tracking accuracy that is only limited by the turbulence of earth's atmosphere

Like all Losmandy Mounts, the equatorial head is fully machined from stainless steel or aircraft grade aluminum, (hard anodized). Precision bearings are used through out. Unique to the Titan is a RA clutch assembly that does not alter the critical RA gear to worm gear pressure no matter what torque is applied to the clutch. The result is very smooth an precise RA motion with negligible periodic error.

Also unique to the HGM Titan is a solid block worm housing/precision worm bearing assembly that has virtually ZERO backlash yet will not change rate due to the worm run-out that is common to lesser spring loaded designs.


Pictured below are the HGM Titan and G-11 mounts side by side. Both mountings use what is now virtually an industry standard Losmandy D-Series saddle, which can accommodate virtually any telescope optical tube assembly.





















Pictured, the new Titan short pier, ideal for Newtonian users and Astro-Photography/ CCD imaging



  • All machined stainless steel and aluminium, black anodized.
  • Shafts, 1.968" diameter stainless steel tubing, .250" wall thickness. 
  • Worm gears, 6.750" diameter, 270 tooth, 7075 aluminium - special coated.
  • Worms, heat treated and ground stainless steel. 
  • Single piece worm housing construction, double ended, ball bearing supported with adjustable preload. 
  • Tracking: +/- 5 arc sec. or better ( many users are reporting +/- 2 arc sec)
  • Low temperature operation: -55 F 
  • 5.062" diameter needle thrust bearings.
  • 3.500" diameter sealed ball bearings.
  • 3.100" diameter sealed ball bearings for worm gear.
  • Fully locking, unique tangent arm design altitude adjustment, 12-70 degrees, large knob for easy alignment.
  • Laser engraved latitude scale in 2 degree increments.
  • Single knob azimuth control, bi-directional +/- 10 degrees, X/Y axis leveling bubbles.
  • Variable slip clutch, 6.0" diameter both axes, one knob design.
  • Full 360 degree rotation in both R.A. and DEC.
  • Fully enclosed R.A. and DEC. worm and worm gear.
  • Photographic instrument weight capacity 100 lbs.
  • Equatorial Head weight 75 lbs. Breaks down into R.A. 37.5 lbs. & DEC. 37.5 lbs.
  • Removable counterweight shaft with safety stop, 1.25" diameter.
  • Includes two 21 lb weights.
  • Split dovetail saddle plate design, 1.00" X 6.00" X 8.00"
  • Dovetail plate drops in and locks allowing for interchanging of any tube assembly - reduces the need for DEC. weights.
  • Accepts all "D" series dovetail plates.
  • 7 lb and 11 lb extra counterweights available
  • Off axis polar scope, works in Northern and Southern hemisphere. (Polar scope optional.)

  • See Gemini Page


  • All machined aluminium, black anodized.
  • Semi-pier tripod design
  • Adjustable height, 40"- 62"
  • Removable legs with clamps.
  • Tripod weight 66 lbs.
  • 7.00" diameter pier - 3.50" diameter legs.

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